Reona is a tap dancer, composer, designer, choreographer and improviser. She is japanese.

In order to materialize the sound in her head, she uses tap shoes and a wooden board, as well as metal plates, chains, stainless steel bowls, plastic bags, and loudspeakers.

Hers sound is metal noise music-like, and She has performed with many improvisers, dancers, painters and free jazz musicians.

Hers sound impulses are directly connected to legs, an expresses himself using everything available in hers body, including hers arms and mouth, making a one-of-a-kind presence.

In 2021, Video "Reona and Shoshiba manufacturing company", session with a press industral, was released.

In 2022, Video "Reona and Orihara Ironworks" , session with a Ironworks, was released.

In 2023, two CD albums "To" and "U" by the trio "Toh-Tou" with Fumio Itabashi (pf) and Takashi Seo (cb) were released simultaneously.

タップダンサー レオナ